Our Team

They say it takes a village to raise a family and we can certainly attest to that. We think it also takes one to build, grow and nurture a business. We've had the opportunity to work with some incredibly talented individuals to whom we can't sing enough praises. Here, we want to acknowledge their talent, hard-work and patience in making Squid Socks the brand it is today. We heart you all!


Photographer and VP of Sales & Marketing

 Ana has been in our lives since Gabe+Jessica became Gabica and even when Gabica became Cabica (Casen, Claire, Gabe and Jessica). A photographer at our wedding and also the talent to deliver us our insanely beautiful newborn photos for both our children, she was the first and only person we thought of to capture our Squid Socks photos. It takes a special person to work with babies, kids and parents all day and still come off cool as a cucumber; we are pretty sure this is one of her many superpowers. There's nothing more exciting than having a vision of how you want things to look in your head and then seeing the final result, looking even better than you envisioned it to be. 

Better yet, she showed a passion for our product and brand and wanted to join our power team! Truth, Gabe nor I are the best at understanding and navigating the world of social media. Ana dove right in to help us and has become the IT woman when it comes to spreading the Squid Socks ink. Thank you, Ana, for believing in us and seeing what we see.

Photos have you in "awwwwww"? Keep feeding that meter by browsing all of her work from maternity, kids and family, weddings and more at anabellaphotography.com and email her directly at info.anabellaphotography@gmail.com



Graphic Designer and Visual Storyteller

 I, Jessica, had the honor of working with Kristen at my last job before I left to take on my full-time role as mother of two. I knew I already loved her work, but I also always admired her professionalism, attention to detail and ability to take customer concepts (which constantly ebb and flow) and mold them into something exceptional, a talent in and of itself. We tasked Kristen with a job that at time seemed extremely difficult, making squids cute. Let's be honest, cute isn't the first word that comes to mind when you think of squids. BUT, as you can see from our one-of-a-kind graphics, Kristen far exceeded our expectations! Not only did she make squids cute, but she gave them lovable personalities.

Kristen is the epitome of patience and an overall joy to work with from beginning to end. A beautiful person inside and out, we can't thank her enough for bringing our vision to life. Thank you, Kristen, we have oceans of love for you.

Obsessed with her work as much as we are? Check out her website at www.kristenpaff.com and ink out an email to vonpaff@gmail.com



Production and Post Production Services Guru

Our first creative experience with Gary was as a newly engaged couple. Looking back, this is still one of the best, most hilarious and definitely most fun memories Gabe and I have together. Wanting to put a fun spin on the standard "save the date" paper invite, Gary crafted a truly incredible "save the date" video for us and our guests. The video was such a hit we hired him to do the videography at our wedding. There's no doubt his work speaks for itself; he is extremely detail-oriented, innovative and an overall gifted visionary. But even more than that, Gary is truly "one of the good eggs", as my mom would say. Some people exude a friendly warmth about them and Gary is one of those people. Not only can his job be technically challenging, but the greater challenge can be in working with many different individuals and personality types to achieve a video piece that makes everyone happy. 

Notice the stand-out video and logo animation at the top of our homepage? All Gary. We are so lucky to have found such patient people to help us on our Squid Socks journey. Goodness knows how patient Gary was with us in the making of this video! Thank you, Gary, for you being the inventive, skillful and kind person you are. 

Think Samson the squid swimming across our homepage screen is beyond cute? Take some time to view more of Gary's work at www.littledogmultimedia.com and email him at info@littledogmultimedia.com