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    5 Ways Bamboo Fabrics Are Beneficial for Newborns

    When buying clothing items for your newborn child, it’s common for parents to stick with what they know. From cotton to polyester, these materials are by far the most common and popular. However, this doesn’t always make them the best option for your infant. Bamboo is quickly rising in popularity among parents and children alike. All natural and strong, it comes with a series of benefits. Here, we’ll discuss some ways bamboo fabrics are beneficial for newborns and why you should consider them for your child.

    Very Soft and Comforting Texture

    One of the first things to know about bamboo fabric is how soft it is. Made by breaking down and softening the bamboo stalk’s natural fibers, this material feels soft to the touch. It’s also incredibly smooth, which is a great way to protect against rubbing and potential rashes against your baby’s sensitive skin. It’s also important to note that bamboo fibers have a rounded shape. This makes them less likely to stretch and lose their form than cotton.

    Stronger Than Other Materials

    Bamboo fabrics are also very durable, with a tensile strength that’s several times that of cotton garments. So you won’t need to worry about accidental tearing or snagging with these clothes. Even after several consecutive washes and whatever your baby throws at them, they’ll maintain their shape and boast a much longer lifespan than other alternatives.

    Highly Moisture Absorbent

    Since it’s naturally dry, bamboo can absorb ample amounts of moisture from your baby’s environment as well, keeping them feeling dry in even warmer weather. Because of this, humidity and sweat will no longer be an issue, and your baby will feel more comfortable throughout the day. For reference, bamboo can absorb several times more moisture than cotton and reduce any stickiness your newborn could feel.

    Antibacterial Properties

    Bamboo is antibacterial, with several key enzymes that help kill bacteria that could get your baby sick. This same property can also help reduce odors in these fabrics and protect your baby from allergens. So bamboo is a great option for anyone wanting all-around protection for their little one.

    Regulates Infant Body Temperature

    The top way that bamboo fabrics benefit your newborn, though, is by regulating their temperature. Bamboo is very breathable, with thinner layers that help vent heat from your baby’s body to keep them cool. It also helps keep your baby warmer in a cooler climate, which is something that your newborn won’t be able to do on their own just yet.

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