For those of you with questions or just a general thirst for knowledge, we've outlined some helpful details for you below. Still can't quench your thirst? Email us at sales@squidsocks.ink, Samson, our Chief Customer Service Squid, is more than happy to answer your questions. 



The application of silicone, specifically silicone dots or "squiddy dots", was very intentional. We knew we liked the idea and look of dots because they resemble the suction-like cups on squids, but we also wanted to take into account circulation.  Rather than a continuous line or band of silicone, we wanted to create this dot pattern with gaps between each dot to allow for better blood flow. Our goal is to create a sock that stays on without constriction.



No, well, not likely. The socks, however, may leave temporary dots or pressure marks on your child’s skin. In fact, all brands of socks we have ever used on our children leave lines or pressure marks to various degrees. One of the most adorable baby features are those delicious little cankles, but those cankles and their heavenly rolls do lend themselves to sock marks, especially if you have children with fair or sensitive skin, like ours. That said, we use skin safe tested silicone in our Squid Socks. Although silicone allergies are extremely rare, please avoid or discontinue use of the socks if you notice or think your child is allergic to silicone.



Notice how our socks are presented face-on rather than to the side like many other brands. This allows our full squid images to be seen far more clearly. Not only can one see the images better, but the graphics themselves are the best in the baby sock market. We are one of very few in the baby sock arena to use sublimation printing. The graphics on our printed socks look as crisp and detailed as they do on a graphic designer's computer screen. No sewn-in, choppy looking images. What's sublimation printing you ask…it's a computer printer process which uses intense heat to transfer the dye.

Combine our novel "squiddy dots" feature, one-of-a-kind squid graphics, impeccable image quality, crisp packaging and 100% polyester (yay, no shrinking!) fabric and you have a standout PREMIUM baby sock product and brand. 



If you love Squid Socks as much as we do, any and all positive reviews would be instrumental in helping our start up company get off the ground. Even better, we would love to see a photo of your little squid rockin’ their new socks! You can find us on:

Facebook: facebook.com/squidsocksink 

Instagram: @squidsocksink (#squidsocks)



If you’re not happy, we're not happy. So long as you're within 30 days of receipt of your shipment, all sock purchases are eligible for return. Before you process a return, please give us a chance to make it right by reaching out to Samson at sales@squidsocks.ink.

Still want to process your return? We understand. Samson will even pay for your return shipping charges. Click here to begin. Please note clicking the link will direct you to a new window.