And all the parents, grand-parents and caregivers around the world rejoiced in a collective "FINALLY!" 


Our "squiddy dots" hold socks on. Click here for proof. 


"squiddy dots" hold socks on

"I just love these cute socks!!! The designs are so cute and the price is absolutely worth it!! It’s just so nice that socks aren’t falling off anymore."

-R. Siruno


These are super cute and fit my babes feet really well! Not too tight, but they didn’t budge all day at daycare until night when I took them off! Also I love that this is a family owned company, support small business.

M. Kaye

Squid socks are AMAZING!!! I have two kids under two years of age, and there is no time to deal with missing and falling off socks. For all people with babies or babies in your life, get yourself some sanity back in your life and GET THESE SOCKS!!!

C. Rebecca

Love love love these socks! First off, how cute can they be? I love the little colorful squids on them. Most importantly, I don’t have to keep checking to make sure both socks are still on my daughter’s feet or have to constantly pull them up!

E. Smelcer