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    Gorgeous mother of two, Melissa Miller, shares her inspiring thoughts on faith, fashion and life as a wife and mama on her sweetly named blog, Love Mamma Miller. She put our Squid Socks to the test on her 18-month old daughter, Addison, and had THIS to say about them on a recent blog post. Thank you, Melissa, we are sending you many X's and O's! 

    A beautifully written and visually inviting blog, this mama of both worlds juggles full-time motherhood AND her very own law practice; talk about a real supermom! Yesenia and her hubby have two remarkably handsome boys and recently put our Squid Socks to the test on their youngest son, Ryan (5 months). Click HERE to read her incredible blog post and awww over some seriously precious baby pictures. 

    "Chief Mommy" as she calls herself and founder of the Nanny Parent Connection, Laura Scoccolo put our socks to the ultimate test on her adorable twins. Check out her recent blog post HERE to read and see for yourself just how well our Squid Socks hold on. Thank you, Laura, for the wonderful and honest review! We are THRILLED our socks work so well on your little squids and best of all, put a little bit of sanity back into your busy life.

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