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    Formerly “Gabica” (Gabe+Jessica), we have lovingly grown into “Cabica” (Casen+Claire+Gabe+Jessica).

    A current Engineer and a Business Operations Manager turned stay-at-home mama, our very different brains have always had a common goal; become entrepreneurs. We agree time is the most precious resource, even more so now with two little squids in our lives, and we’ve never stopped thinking, dreaming, doing and motivating one another to harness this resource for ourselves and our family.

    It’s funny how having children, or being around those who have them, can lead to some serious product brainstorming sessions! All of a sudden you find yourself scouring the Internet in hopes of finding those magical products to help you maintain that sliver of sanity you’re clinging to through all the crying, sleepless, messy, crazy and beautiful days and nights. For us, this is exactly how Squid Socks® came to be.

    As newlyweds back in 2014, we kicked off our honeymoon with a trip to London. While there, we visited Gabe’s cousin and his wife, along with their sweet baby boy. During the course of our stay, their son’s socks kept falling off and his dad made a frustrating reference as to the need to fix this problem. Our hamsters immediately started sprinting on their wheels and that very night we could hardly sleep as we thought of all the different ways we could address this issue. At that time, we didn’t yet have children of our own so we started our research, asking friends, family, neighbors and acquaintances if this was a need not yet addressed in the market. We were surprised how many people gave us a very enthusiastic “yes!”. Since then, through the birth of our son and daughter, we’ve proven to ourselves that yes indeed, those little socks just don’t want to stay on!


    CASEN (3) & BABY CLAIRE (2)

    Our son, Casen, being a champ and trying to pull off his sister's Squid Socks. Claire thinks it's pretty funny! 



    Sweet Casen, 2-years old, pulling with all his toddler strength to get those Squid Socks off.


    Watch this video of baby model Mia, 16-months old, trying to take off her Squid Socks.

    Our First Podcast Interview
    We had our first ever podcast interview with Witness Business. Really nice guys and it was fun!

    Podcast Episode: Inventing Baby Socks That Stay On with Squid Socks Founders Jessica and Gabe Miller.

    Our episode is officially live on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and their website to listen to!

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