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    Are Matching Sibling Outfits Still a Thing? Planning Coordinated Outfits for Your Babies

    It's hard to believe, but matching sibling outfits were once all the rage! For many years, parents would dress up their babies in matching clothes - usually a matching outfit for each child. But is this trend still popular today? And if so, what are some of the best ways to coordinate matching outfits for your babies? In this blog post, we'll take a look at the history of matching sibling outfits and provide some tips for planning coordinated outfits for your little ones.

    History of Matching Family Outfits

    Matching siblings outfits have been around for centuries. In fact, matching family outfits were once so popular that they were considered a sign of wealth and status. The tradition began in Europe, where wealthy families would dress their children in matching clothes to flaunt their status. This trend quickly spread to America, where matching sibling outfits became a popular way for parents to show off their children.
    Pre-internet social media (aka. paintings) showing two lovely children in their adorable matching fits.

    In the mid-twentieth century, mother-daughter ensembles were quite fashionable. While they fell out of fashion in the 1970s as more moms entered the workforce, they are making a comeback as social media has brought being a mother back into vogue. Attempts to create father-son clothes were made in the 1950s, but they never really took off until full family ensembles gained popularity in the early 2000s.

    Today, family outfit collections are becoming quite popular once again due to social media. Parents are eager to dress their children in matching clothes, and many companies have begun making matching sibling outfit collections as a result.

    Why Matching Outfits are Great

    Want to show the world your family’s style and put your baby fashion panache on blast? When you plan matching outfits, it can help define your family’s identity. It shows that you are a close-knit family that enjoys spending time together. It shows off your creativity and unique sense of style.

    If you take your kids to family gatherings or events, everyone will know who is who in your family unit. Imagine taking your family to an amusement park; you’ll never lose sight of your kids in the crowd if you’re all wearing bright pink sombreros and leopard print socks!

    Picking outfits out can be a fun family activity, and can even be a fun learning opportunity for one-and-a-half to three-year-olds to help them learn about colors and different types of clothes (like, y’know, socks). 

    Matching outfit sets can be cheaper than buying individual outfits. You can buy a set of two, three, or four and always have spare outfits ready to go. When one child outgrows the clothes, you can simply pass them down to the next child. Disclaimer: it may cause some minor confusion on laundry day. 

    Ideas for Matching Brothers Outfits

    When matching brothers' outfits, consider if you’d like to dress them in identical outfits, or in coordinated outfits. While identical outfits are easier to conceptualize, they can be more challenging to put together in practice, especially if you’re shopping at a retail storefront. Although, it’s quite a bit easier to buy duplicate clothes online!

    If you want to dress them identically, you can put them in the same outfit or find matching outfits with different colors. For example, you could put them both in blue jeans and dinosaur print socks, or khaki shorts and green polo shirts.

    If you want to dress them in a similar yet coordinated way, start with matching colors or patterns. For example, you could put one brother in a blue shirt and the other in a green shirt with matching blue jeans. Or you could put one brother in a striped shirt and the other in a polo shirt with matching khaki shorts. The possibilities are literally endless, so get creative and have fun with it!

    Photo by Victoria Borodinova from Pexels

    Don’t forget to include your kids in the process! While shopping, ask them which colors and styles they like the most, and use it as a learning opportunity to help them discover the future fashionistas inside of them. 

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    Ideas for Matching Sisters Outfits

    There are a few different ways you can dress matching sisters' outfits. Like with the boys, you can match them entirely, or you can pick specific aspects to coordinate. There’s definitely some extra room to be creative with your girls, as it opens the door to accessories galore. Headbands, bracelets, hair bands, you name it. 

    If you want them to match completely, you can put them in the same outfit. For example, matching dresses or skirts with tops and leggings. Chambray shirts and denim skirts are a perennial favorite combo, too, for babies and grown-ups alike. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even find matching shoes and socks!

    You could also do a more coordinated look by matching colors or patterns, as opposed to identical outfits. For example, one sister could wear a floral dress with a matching headband while the other sister wears a floral skirt with a matching hair bow. Once again, be sure to include your little ones in the process if you can, as it can be a wonderful way to teach them about clothes and colors!


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