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    Tips for Dressing a Newborn for Warm Weather

    Summer is a great time to get out of the house and have some fun as a family. Even your newborn will love spending some time outdoors with you! However, it’s common for new parents to struggle with keeping their infant comfortable and protected when it comes to higher temperatures. This is especially true regarding the sun, heat, and humidity. Fortunately, there are several ways you can mitigate the effects of the summer climate on your child. Use our tips for dressing your newborn for warm weather to start on the right track.

    Opt for Looser, Breathable Materials

    The first wardrobe change you should make as the weather heats up is in the type of materials you’re dressing your baby with. While synthetic fabrics like polyester are great for wicking away moisture, they aren’t very breathable. This makes them likely to trap heat and prevent your baby from cooling down. So, we recommend switching to natural fibers like cotton and bamboo. These materials allow heat to escape much more easily, keeping your baby cooler and more comfortable.

    Watch Each Garment’s TOG Rating

    You’ll also want to check your child's garments' Thermal Overall Grade (TOG) rating before dressing up on a summer day. This classification measures the amount of insulation certain baby clothes have and how well they trap heat. High TOG products will hold more heat, while low TOG clothes release heat to keep your baby cooler. So, when summer rolls around, ensure that your newborn wears garments with a rating of one or lower.

    Protect Their Head With a Hat

    Keep in mind that you’re not just protecting your child from the heat during the summer but the sun as well. Babies are incredibly susceptible to UV rays and, therefore, sunburn. Another tip you should utilize for dressing your newborn this season is never bringing them outdoors without a hat. Hats are a great way to protect the top of your baby’s head and make them look very fashionable at the same time. Whether a baseball cap or a sunhat, it’s the perfect balance of style and comfort.

    Keep As Much Skin Covered As Possible

    Additionally, make sure that you keep as much of their skin covered as possible, especially when you’re outdoors. Though it’s easy to think that less is more when dressing your baby in the summer, they still need an extra layer of protection from the elements. So, whether it be a light onesie or breathable socks, opting for more coverage is the way to go. Just make sure you’re adhering to appropriate TOG ratings.

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