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    Useful Tips for How to Keep Your Baby’s Socks On

    Keeping your baby’s socks on their feet is one of the most common and challenging struggles a parent can experience. Whether your child willingly tears them off or they happen to fall somewhere throughout the day, it’s easy to lose these articles of clothing. Not only does this lead to a headache of a search, but also additional spending on replacements. We’ve experienced this trial ourselves, and we’re excited to help others navigate these challenges. These are our useful tips for how to keep your baby’s socks on.

    Dress Your Baby in Onesies

    If you’re regularly losing your baby’s socks, one of the first things you can do is dress them in more onesies—specifically at night. Since onesies have little built-in booties of their own, your child won’t need to wear separate socks, and they won’t be able to remove them. This way, you’ll never need to worry about a sock going missing because there aren’t any socks to lose.

    Put Pant Cuffs Over the Socks

    Once your baby graduates to larger, separate articles of clothing such as shirts and pants, keeping socks where they belong can be a bit more difficult. Fortunately, we have a helpful tip for that as well. When your child wears longer pants, consider placing the cuff over the top of their sock. This better secures the sock so that it’s harder to slide off. It also makes it harder for your child to grab at the garment to pull it off.

    Keep Their Shoes On

    Keeping your baby’s shoes on while you’re out and about can also work to your advantage. Like with the cuffs of your baby’s pants, their shoes will keep the socks firmly in place and out of reach. While this tip for keeping your baby’s socks on only works during outings, it can still be beneficial in preventing lost items.

    Purchase the Right Type of Socks

    Above all, though, make sure that you purchase the right type of socks for your child. At Squid Socks, we sell specialized baby boy and baby girl socks with silicone dots inside the cuff that keep socks secure. This way, your child can’t pull them off easily regardless of their outfit, and you’ll never need to worry about a lost sock again. It also helps to pick the correct size garments for your child. Remember that though your baby will grow quickly, putting them in socks too large is sure to result in a lost bootie or two.

    Finding intuitive ways to keep your baby’s socks on can save you money and stress as you go about your day. So consider embracing these tips and tricks as your baby grows into their outfits.