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**For those curious, the 6-12 month will be available late July.**
Introducing our soft, muted, watercolor designs to welcome spring and the wonder of new growth with nature's gifts. Print is on the front of the sock only.

Sock Designs: Foliage, Rainbows + Hearts, Floral

 *Our baby socks are sold as a pack of three pairs, one pair of each design*

  • Our baby socks are sold as a pack of three pairs, one of each design
  • Patent-Pending
  • 100% skin-safe tested silicone dots on inside cuff gently hold socks on
  • Silicone grips on the bottom of sizes 6-12, 12-24 and 2T-3T help to prevent slips and falls. 
  • Our very own custom sizing for a more accurate and consistent fit.
  • Unrivaled image quality thanks to dye-sublimation printing technology. See our "FAQ" page to learn more about dye-sublimation and why we think it's so awesome! Note: Carson and Casey Collections are sewn in patterns, not dye sublimation.
  • "Squid Fit Technology"-elastic bands in the cuff and around the top and bottom arch of the foot for added comfort and flexibility.
  • 87% polyester, 10% nylon, 3% spandex for all squid design collections as well as all white Corey Collection.
  • CPSC Safety Compliant via Children's Product Certificate

Wicks away moisture from little one's feet keeping them dry. No shrinking, no wrinkles, lightweight, flexible, comfortable and resistant to stretching. We're told (and agree) our socks look, feel and wear like high-performance athletic socks.

baby socks

For those of you with questions or just a general thirst for knowledge, we've outlined some helpful details for you below. Still can't quench your thirst? Email us at, Samson, our Chief Customer Service Squid, is more than happy to answer your questions. 


We do not recommend leaving Squid Socks on your child overnight. The same goes for extended periods of time. Our Squid Socks work wonders and really do stay on thanks to our super soft and "grippy" silicone. But, keep in mind, silicone by nature doesn't allow the skin to breathe very easily. Good grief, should I be worried? 

Think of it like this, a scenario I, Jessica, am guilty of many times are exhausted from the day and come night time, you are too tired to take the time to remove your make-up and wash your face. So, you collapse into bed and wake up in the morning to find some picture-worthy breakouts on your face. Why? You didn't give your skin a chance to breathe at night. And, there will be some people who wake up with lots of break-outs, others moderate and some none at all. The same general concept applies here.   

Okay, but what do you consider to be an extended period of time? GREAT QUESTION! This will vary for each child, we wish there was a pure and simple mathematical equation and answer here, but as we stated earlier, each child is so different. As you introduce Squid Socks to you child, we advise you to check their skin periodically. 

Why are you telling me all of this? We want to be open and transparent and empower you to make the decision for your child.  

To re-cap...

Is our silicone tested and skin-safe? 100%.

Are true silicone allergies extremely rare? Yes.

Are some children more prone to skin sensitives than others? Definitely.

The short of it, check your baby's skin periodically as you introduce Squid Socks to them. Avoid over-night use. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.


The application of silicone, specifically silicone dots or "squiddy dots", was very intentional. We knew we liked the idea and look of dots because they resemble the suction-like cups on squids, but we also wanted to take into account circulation.  Rather than a continuous line or band of silicone, we wanted to create this dot pattern with gaps between each dot to allow for better circulation. Our goal is to create a sock that stays on without constriction.


No, well, not likely. The socks, however, may leave temporary dots or pressure marks on your child’s skin. In fact, all brands of socks we have ever used on our children leave lines or pressure marks to various degrees. One of the most adorable baby features are those delicious little cankles, but those cankles and their heavenly rolls do lend themselves to sock marks, especially if you have children with fair or sensitive skin, like our daughter. That said, we use 100% skin safe tested silicone in our Squid Socks.

As with the majority of products in the marketplace, there's always a small percentage of individuals that experience greater sensitivity than others. Our product is no different, which is why we advise you to discontinue use if you notice your little one experiencing any unwelcome sensitivity. 


Finding that "perfect" fit can be a real challenge! It's our hope the size chart we created functions as a helpful tool when making your buying decision. As parents ourselves, we realize the world of baby sizes is definitely not one size fits all.

If your little one has some seriously adorable chunky feet and legs, it's probably best to size up. If they are on the long and narrow, you might find they get more longevity out of the smaller sizes. Ultimately, we say use your amazing, superpower parental and caregiver intuition, it's usually right!

Our personal parental sizing thoughts? The 0-6 is pretty true to size/slightly small, 6-12 runs small, 12-24 true to size and 2T-3T runs true to size. Our recommendation would be to pick your Squid Socks based on your child's shoe size rather than age.

Squid Socks Size Chart


We hear you, and don't get us wrong, we love cotton! So, why don't we use cotton in our socks? A great and fair question! Several reasons...

The highly specialized and new printing technology we use to print our socks, dye-sublimation, requires the sock composition to have a high level of polyester in order to work properly.

While we use synthetic materials, the materials that make up our Squid Socks have many properties we love. Unlike cotton, polyester is moisture wicking (when is the last time you saw a raincoat made out of cotton?), which means it dries much faster and actually makes it more stain resistant. Added bonus, polyester doesn't shrink and doesn't wrinkle.

Nylon is extremely strong, durable, flexible, wind proof, resistant to water and a great shock absorber. Another resilient fabric we utilize is spandex, also known as elastane. Lightweight, flexible and great for maintaining its original size and shape.

Cotton has lots of wonderful pros, it's just not the best choice for active uses, and goodness knows our kids are active (understatement of the century). All cotton socks tend to absorb sweat, saturate quickly and dry slowly. Not the best recipe for keeping little feet warm and dry.

Our socks truly are designed for functionality, peak performance and durability. Because, let's be real, kids are brutal on everything! Hence the phrase, "this is why we can't have nice things." 

All this said, we are always in the mindset of continuing to grow and improve our product(s) and we are hopeful we can one day bring you additional fabric options and blends. We are just beginning and hope you stay with us on our Squid Socks journey!


Wash before use. Gentle cycle with like colors, no bleach and no tumble drying. Did you just read this, roll your eyes, laugh uncontrollably and question whether or not we actually have kids? 

We find placing your Squid Socks in a garment bag makes it much easier to retrieve them pre-dryer session, if you so choose. If you do want to tumble dry your Squid Socks, we've found garment bags are also great at helping to reduce the dreaded pilling or little fuzz balls that come about as a result of friction. 

    • Pilling happens when fibers in the material become loose, get tangled and form tiny balls at the end of the fiber. The main cause of pilling is friction or rubbing of the garment, most often during wear, washing and/or drying. 
    • Pilling (the dreaded fuzz balls) is NOT a fabric defect
    • We've noticed more pilling on the 6-12 size as children in this age range are often crawling and dragging the top of their feet across various surfaces.
      • Before washing, turn the garment, in this case your Squid Socks, inside out. This way you will reduce the amount of contact they have with other items in your wash and the face of the fabric won't be abraded as much. 
      • For added protection, place your Squid Socks in a garment bag before washing. This will also make it easier to retrieve them pre-dryer session if you wish.
      • Wash on a delicate cycle
      • Keep fabrics away from Velcro! (enter garment bag)
      • Don’t rub stains. Instead, apply a stain remover and blot or simply let sit before placing in the wash.
      • Hand wash as an alternative (Who has time to hand wash socks?! Yes, we know but hey, more power to you!)
      • Some people say to try adding a fabric softener to your wash as it coats the fibers of the fabric so abrasion is lessened (learn something new every day!).
      • Use a LIQUID laundry detergent with enzymes. The enzymes dissolve the small weak fibers that may cause pilling. Detergents with enzymes are not uncommon (ECOS, Tide and Arm & Hammer to name a few).
    • DRYER
      • Avoid tumble drying all together per our recommended washing instructions. We realize, especially with kids, this is not always realistic, but it will increase the longevity of your Squid Socks and help to greatly decrease pilling. 
      • If you do wish to dry your Squid Socks, we suggest doing so on a low setting and keeping them in your garment bag for the whole cycle.
      • Do know that all fabrics will pill at least a little bit in their lifetime
      • Is pilling 100% preventable? Honestly, as parents with two little ones ourselves, that would be a hard “no”. Can you greatly diminish pilling following some of the helpful tidbits above? ABSOLUTELY. But, let’s be honest, we are all crazy busy and don’t always have the time, energy or patience to follow these best practices. What we can say is our Squid Socks are made of high-quality fabrics and their “pilling pain” is up to you. What’s a handful of fuzz balls compared to socks that actually stay on!
  • How to remove pills that have already formed? 
    • Use a razor blade and gently shave them off going in the SAME direction as the weave/knit. Alternatively, you could purchase a pill/fuzz remover. 

Best garment longevity advice? Follow the packaging instructions. Honest parental advice? Do what you need to do. 

That's all nice, but I'm curious how they'd really hold up in my dryer.

Most dryers average 130 degrees. Our socks themselves can take a whopping 465 degrees and even more amazing, our silicone "squiddy dots" can withstand a temperature of 500 degrees! Bring on the heat. 

Help, my kid slipped their Squid Socks off over their heel!

Simply the result of a clever kid. :) We invented a baby/toddler sock that doesn't fall off and is much more difficult to pull off, but not impossible (that would be scary and a safety concern). Some children simply figure out how to manipulate the sock via slipping it off the heel, especially when you enter the 2-3-year age range. There's nothing, unfortunately, we can do in these situations other than put a tally in their "win" column. Parents 0, kids 1.  



***Due to circumstances surrounding COVID-19, shipping windows may be extended beyond our normal 7-10 business day delivery promise. We apologize for any frustration this may cause. We are working diligently to ship all orders in a timely manner, but want to update you an expected timeline.***


We are happy to offer free domestic returns for 90 days from when your order was created. Please ensure your Squid Socks are unworn and unwashed.

  • Looking to make an exchange or return? No problem! Click HERE to initiate the process, you will need your email address and order number.
  • If you received your Squid Socks as a gift and wish to exchange them, please have the order number, postal code, name on shipping addresses and email of the person who bought them for you as such information will help expedite the process. If you do not have this information, please email us at
  • How long until I receive my refund? Please allow up to two weeks to fully process returns and exchanges. A credit will automatically be applied to your original method of payment within roughly 3-5 working days. Processing time may vary depending on your bank.

For our complete Refund and Exchange Policy, visit HERE. Our customers mean the world to us! If you find you need additional assistance, don't hesitate to reach out at



If you love Squid Socks as much as we do, any and all positive reviews would be instrumental in helping our start up company get off the ground. Even better, we would love to see a photo (or video) of your little squid rockin’ their new socks! You can find us on:

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Samson, our Squid Satisfaction Officer will typically reply within 1 business day!

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