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    Advice on Choosing your Baby Girl’s Pajamas

    Between hunting for a crib and struggling through mountains of packaged diapers, you've probably had your hand full preparing for your new baby, and it can be easy to forget about simple things like pajamas. 

    Picking the perfect baby girl pajamas may seem like a daunting task. What fabric works best on a little one’s skin, and how soon istoo soon to introduce two-piece sets?

    Whether you’re looking for the right sleeping clothes for your child or just searching for a gift for a new mom, here are some tips for finding the best pajamas. 

    Different Types of Pajamas 

    There are a few options you can consider before adding a new pair of pajamas to your cart. Instead of reaching for a two-piece shirt and pants combo, consider purchasing footed pajamas, a sleeper, or a onesie.

    Footed pajamas and sleepers keep your baby covered up and warm by covering up her arms, legs, and feet. Shorter-sleeved onesies work well in warmer temperatures, especially when paired with swaddling. 

    Make sure the garments are not flowy or too tight to impact the baby’s airflow. While adorable, it’s a good idea to leave out assorted sets until she’s a little older. Loose shirts could cover the baby's mouth as she moves around at night, making it hard to breathe.

    Keep an Eye out for Quality

    Deciding on the fabric for pajamas is just as important as the type. A baby’s skin is sensitive, so scratchy or harsh fabrics are not the best choice for sleepwear. Gravitate towards breathable and easily washable alternatives like cotton.

    Cotton clothes are a staple in any baby’s wardrobe and make a great option. If you’re interested in trying something different, lightweight linen pajamas are another possibility. 

    Try to avoid wool pajamas as they could bother your baby girl’s skin. Wool clothing often requires specific cleaning instructions and could warrant frequent trips to the washing machine. Synthetic fabrics like polyester can cause irritation and aren’t as breathable as cotton, so opt for a polyester blend instead. 

    Beyond choosing the fabric, it’s important to purchase quality clothes that will last long enough for a growing baby. When looking for durable pajamas, stay away from clothing that you can easily see-through. Thin materials won’t keep your baby warm enough during the night or last through much wear and tear.

    If anything looks uneven or easily peelable, leave those pajamas on the hanger. Poorly constructed clothing could quickly fall apart, so it’s better to spend your money on well-made items.

    Fraying seams or loose strings are other red flags to look out for. Not only will they continue to unravel with each wash, but strings are dangerous when wrapped around little fingers and toes. 

    Pajamas for any Weather

    As the weather is getting warmer, your baby won’t need as many layers. However, she still needs appropriate coverage to ensure she doesn’t get cold as she sleeps.

    If swaddling, try out a cotton short-sleeved onesie or a light sleeper if your child has grown out of their swaddle. Babies have a harder time regulating their body temperature, but the proper pair of pajamas should keep your little one cozy all night.

    To keep your baby’s feet warm during Spring nights, you can add on a pair ofSquid Socks. Because of their durable design, she will keep her socks on throughout the night. Plus, babies tend to sleep better when they are warm and comfortable, meaning you can enjoy another hour of shut-eye as well. 

    When the days get colder, adapt your baby’s clothing to match the temperature outside. Because she can’t yet sleep with a fuzzy blanket, make sure you pick the right sleep garments to keep her warm.

    If you use a swaddle to tuck your baby in, put a onesie or sleeper underneath to combat the cold. Fleece pajamas are another option to ensure your baby stays warm through winter weather. 

    However, even if the wind is howling outside your window, your baby girl could still get overheated. Fleece clothing often traps moisture and isn’t as breathable as other fabrics.

    While your favorite pair of fleece loungewear keeps you warm, it could make your baby too hot. Be sure to look out for any physical signs of discomfort like sweating or heated skin as you dress your baby for the season. 

    Practical yet Fashionable 

    While it's tempting to put your little girl in the latest infant fashion fads, it’s best to try those trends during the day. Ruffles look great for an outing but may not work well on a cozy pair of pajamas.Avoid picking up sleeping clothes with decorative beading or ribbons to ensure your baby will not swallow any detached materials.

    Focus on simple pieces that you can easily remove, and opt for pajamas with zippers over buttons. Babies can make quite the mess, and it’s much easier unzipping their onesie for a quick cleanup instead of fumbling with intricate clasps. 

    However, you don’t have to settle for mundane pajamas. Experiment with fun patterns and colors if you want your daughter’s pajamas to stand out. Coordinate her sleepwear to her nursery theme, or try out a wild design you've been itching to dress her in.

    You can make a nighttime photo op out of any of your choices. If you are interested in purchasing some infant pajamas for a new mom, stick to basic colors if you are unsure of her tastes.

    Everyone needs style staples in their closets (even the youngest fashionistas), and having a few extra PJs on hand will help in any diaper-changing emergency. 

    Another way to spruce up your daughter’s pajamas is to include detailed socks with her nighttime ensemble. You can matchanimal illustrations to her feline-themed onesie or even usebright patterns as a statement against plain threads.

    Pajamas don’t have to be boring! Finding quality sleepwear may seem daunting, but with these tips, your baby girl is sure to sleep safely in style.