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    Why Socks Are Important for Your Newborns

    There’s a lot of hustle and bustle as you get your home ready for your new arrival. From stocking up on diapers to purchasing nursery furniture, you’re probably already struggling to keep it all straight. However, if there’s anything you should be placing higher up on your newborn shopping list, it’s several sets of baby socks. While these items might seem like a minor part of caring for your child, they’re integral to overall health and safety. Read on to explore why socks are important for your newborns to wear every time they go outdoors.

    They Provide Protection From Injury

    First and foremost, socks are incredibly effective at protecting your baby’s sensitive little feet from injury while they’re on the move. Even newborns that aren’t crawling yet have some direct interaction with the ground, and their socks provide an extra layer between their feet and any abrasive objects that can potentially cut or bruise them. Even if it doesn’t seem like a whole lot to you, these products can do wonders for your newborn’s safety.

    They Block Harmful UV Rays

    Newborn socks are also important for your newborns to wear because they help reduce your baby’s direct contact with the sun. It’s no secret that infants have sensitive skin, and even the skin on their feet can be very susceptible to sunburn if you aren’t careful. Because of this, it’s important that you have something on their feet to reduce the amount of UV exposure. This way, there’s less risk of sunburn, and your baby’s comfort will be higher day-to-day.

    They Keep Their Feet Warm

    Speaking of comfort—baby socks are great for the traditional purpose of keeping your infant’s feet warm! Babies still can’t retain heat very well, making them very susceptible to colder environments. As such, it’s vital that they have something there to trap their body heat during the cooler months. There’s also less blood flow in the feet and toes. So, babies are particularly susceptible to discomfort around their feet.

    If you’re in the market for a set of baby socks that don’t fall off your infant, you’ve come to the right place. At Squid Socks, we’re dedicated to providing the perfect sock products for your child. Our socks not only provide a gentle grip with the help of silicone dots, but they stay on no matter how hard your child pulls. This way, you never lose them, and your baby will reap all their comfort and safety benefits.